Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

6:26: Went out to go buy Skyrim, saw him outside of Gamestop, watching me grab a copy of the game and looking around, trying to stall until he went away. He didn't. Eventually, I had to walk out with him still at the window. and walked right past him. He turned his head to look at the game case in my hand and tilted his head to the side as if confused. I get the sneaking suspicion he questions my taste in gaming.
Sure, I may like more JRPGs than I'd care to admit, but that doesn't give Sir Stalks-a-lot the right to psychoanalyse my interests!
7: 18: Playing Skyrim, called in sick to Gloria's chagrin. I'm seriously impressed. A bunch of my friends told me to get MW3, but I think CoD is over hyped. If I want to play an FPS, I'll play TF2, thank you very much.
7:29 Slenderman's peeking into my windows. I'm not sure, but I think I pissed him off when I closed the blinds
7:45 Started snowing a little. Slenderman moved to the glass door. Skippy freaked out as usual, but I can't seem to take him seriously when his bald faceless head is topped with a tiny mound of snow.
8:00 Snow stopped. He's still there, so I flip him the bird. He doesn't seem to get the hint to just PISS OFF.
8:49: He's gone. Good, now I can slaughter mudcrabs in peace.
9:26: Gloria came over. She sadi her boss started having a seizure and went into a coma. They have no idea what to do, so she's on paid leave of sorts until things get figured out.

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