Tuesday, November 8, 2011


-6:12: That blur came back. Coulda swore I saw it stop and look at me. It was too tall to see it's face, but I'm sure wherever the heck it's head was, it was turned towards ME.
-7:04: Skippy's freaking out again. Gloria wants to call the cops, but I get a sneaking suspicion by the time they get here, the thing will be nowhere in sight.
-8:26 Dammit I was right. Nothing. Abso-friggin-lutely nothing.
-9:50: Skippy's going apeshit bananas. He's hiding under the couch as I type this. Whoop- there's the blur again! 'Ello, Mister Blur!
-10:26 The blur's starting to look more focused- I can make out a humanoid shape. What is it?
-11:11: My email's still getting spammed...that stupid symbol keeps popping up. What's it mean?
-12:00: Urgh. Outta cough syrup. Shit.
-12:07: The blurry man came back. I decided to joke around with it. I walked up to the glass door it was standing outside of, turned around, pulled down my pants and mooned the thing. Then I noticed it had tentaclle-y-thingys attached to its back. I've caught my cousin watching enough hentai to know where this was about to start going and pulled my pants back up before the thing added me to its most likely extensive list of brutal romantic conquests.
-12:15: IT HASN'T MOVED. It's still standing right where it was when I mooned it. The tentacles are gone, though. Am I dreaming this? I think so, I can't make out any facial features. Surely, if it were real, it'd have a face...
-1:19: It's gone. THANK GOD! But now I dread finding out where it went.....

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