Monday, November 7, 2011


OK, so making a metric asston of posts is lame. So, I'm going to make a post whenever I can for that day and update as the day goes on. So consider this the entry for 11/7/11:

- 8:32 My girlfriend Gloria came over to check on me. I look and feel like shit and she still loves me. All together now: D'awwwwwwwww....
- 8:37 Gloria left, and despite her telling me not to leave the house, I HAD to go to Mickey D's. Usually, I'm a Steak 'n' Shake kinda guy, but one word can justify my change in behavior: McRib.
Jesus, why can't they just have it all the time?
-8:49 Nomnomnomnom...sorry, didn't see you guys there. Nearly sneezing my head off.
The McRib is so good, I'm starting to get why it's a limited-time-only-thing. Gotta hide the evidence or Gloria's gonna kill me. BRB, fireplace\
-8:52 Whoof. Burning BBQ sauce is one weird-ass aroma.
-8:55-9:34: ZZZZZZZZZZ......(why, yes, I am sleep-posting.)
-9:40: Anyone ever got the feeling you're being watched? Maybe it's just my cold hazing over my brain.
-10:00: OK, li'l Skippy's barking his head off. What...the...fuck.
-10:04:  I just shat out a brick wall.... I saw a blur of black outside of my window while I was watching Psych (hell yes). There's something outside my house, and I've seen enough horror movies to know that it wouldn't hurt to NOT confront said thing. 0_o
-10:08: Went against my better judgement and peered outside. Also, I had to let Skippy out before he shat on the rug, but mostly I was curious. Nothing but the trees behind the houses. Gonna go watch CSI on hulu.
-11:01: Blur came back. Didn't see it, but Skippy must''ve. He was trying to break the freakin' glass door down. God, something must've really spooked him.
-11:28 Skippy won't go back outside. He's staring at the door like it would kill him the second he turned his back. Geezum Pete, what the hell did Skippy see out there???
-12:00: Gloria came back. She saw the fragments of wrapper in the fireplace. Shit. Caught red-handed.
Told her about the blur, showed her how weird Skippy's been acting. She said that she's been hearing rustling noises outside the house while she's alone in the house. We went out to buy a cheap home-securtiy camera.
-12:17: Thank God I'm an electrician, or nothing would work in this house. She may be able to balance the budget like nobody's business, and could kick Gordon Ramsay's ass in the kitchen any day of the week, I'm the guy who puts up the Christmas lights and hooks up the appliances. No house renovations, though: I make Tim Taylor look like everyone on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition combined.
-12:40 ..........I am on the brink of pissing my pants. We checked the camera footage to test it, and what we saw.....was...well....unnerving, to say the least. The video showed a person in black suddenly appear in front of the camera, then a bunch of video glitches and weird staitcky noise. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Gloria's trying to be the strong-willed plucky girl and hand wave it as something that got left on the camera's memory storage (we bought it second hand), but the bckground is OUR FUCKING BACKYARD. I have a revolver locked in my desk drawer in case of burglary, but I've never had to use it. I might have to change that today.

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