Monday, November 7, 2011

Spam: It sucks

OK, so I've been getting a bunch of weird shit in my inbox. A bunch of bizarre images and gibberish, but thankfully no viruses. C'mon, Gmail, get your act together! I'll show you what I mean:
I keep getting messages from adresses like qwjad, gurrgik....who the heck are these people?
And the images are a bunch of scratchy doodles that look like they were drawn by a two-year hold having friggin' seizures:
What is this? Some logo for a boner pill? It looks like a... oh, fuck. I'm not gonna finish that sentence, lest Sigmund Freud starts laughing in his grave.
Anyway, I'm gonna take a nap. I got a wicked nasty cold, and had to call in sick. Caring about coworker's health: it's serious business.

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