Friday, January 27, 2012

A Note From Gloria

Hello, it's me! John's not very good at remembering to update the blog.
So, here's what's happened since he posted that newspaper clipping.
>The Headset Kid was on the news. He had hung himself from a jumprope attached to a power line and died. But how'd he get all the way up there?
>Skippy ran away : (
>John got laid off. From what he's told me, it sounds like the company's about to go bankrupt.
>Some vandal painted some cryptic shit on the side of the house:
He waits for his Children to return to him.
>Slenderman appeared in our bedroom closet. He's been coming inside the house more often now.

I'm scared

Monday, January 23, 2012

This is interesting....


OK, here's an update. Last night, i found a DVD in my mailbox.

I've written down the contents of the video

[3 seconds of blank screen]
[Shows a white building surounded by a lush green lawn]
Women's Voice: Hello. If you're watching this, you want to know more about the New Creation Coalition.
The NCC is a philosophical group dedicated to progress of mental sciences and studies.
[1 second of audio/video distortion]
[Man in lab coat appears on screen]
Lab Coat Man: Hello, I'm Doctor Benjamin Skinner.  Here at NCC, we preform experiments that can change the future. Please, if you are so inclined, sign up to participate in these experiments, that are safe, simple, and are monetarily rewarde-
[massive distortion for two seconds]
[Cuts to a forest]
Man's voice: Wasn't this the place?
Other man's voice: Uh......fuck. We turned left when we shoulda gone str-
[audio cuts out]
Guy 1: Hey....did you hear that?
[sound of crackling.]
Guy 2: Where's that sound coming from?
[The video goes monochrome]
Guy 1: (SCREAMS)
Guy 2: The fuck is that???
[sounds of footsteps over dry leaves, then screaming. The camera is dropped. Twelve seconds later, one of trees is splattered with blood.]
[video goes back to the NCC advertisement]
Woman's voice: -veniently located in North Hartside
[video ends]

...I'm absolutely terrified.