Wednesday, November 9, 2011


7:00: Back to work. Hey, I need the extra money to get Arkham City, might as well come in early.
7:14: Went to go fix a blown power line, saw the Blurman again. He's standing on the ground, completely oblivious to the fact that I'm three storys up in a bucket scoop. Ha! You just got out-elevated, punk!
8:10 Went to another blown transformer across town, and He was already there. W...T...F???? How He'd get all the over here!?!?!? It was 20 minute drive! How could He WALK here and beat me?!? And another thing: HOW THE FUCK DID HE KNOW I WAS GONNA BE HERE!?!?! Is He clairvoyant?
8:20 Cut the power to the transformer and opened it up to take a look-see inside, and I notice someone scrawled the (X) symbol on the inside with Sharpie. Christ, where are these logos coming from?
8:26 He was standing 6 feet behind me while I worked. He didn't seem to be threatening me, He was looking at what I was doing, as if trying to figure out how the transformer worked. What does He want?
8:40 Mentioned Him to  my coworker, Matt. Matt said he didn't see anyone behind me.


9:26 I've noticed that whenever He's around, most electrical devices nearby seem to freak out- my MP3 player, for example. This guy must be a mobile electromagentic He a ghost? I've heard theories of ghosts giving off magnetic fields, could He be proof?

....gah, just listen to me ramble like a whacko conspiracy theorist. Excuse whilst I go find my shopping cart and my tinfoil hat....
9:40: I'm wondering if anyone else is in a position similar to mine.
10:26: I can't find anything about a blur on google. Maybe if I get a better view of it.
11:11: Good God. It doesn't have a face. I'm so scared. But if it has no face, it can't be real. It's just a fever-induced hallucination! Ha! Take that, Mister Nonexistant!
12:20: Just out of curiousity, I googled "No face, tentacles, tall man".  That action alone wrecked my day. Apparently, this thing is called "Slender Man", and he goes after A LOT of people. I didn't check these people out, and I thin it'd be best to avoid it, but seriously? This thing has NOTHING better to do than harass people? What's freaky is that apparently Slenderman can teleport, stretch, mind screw you, etc. and he likes to chase kids and bloggers. WTF? He showed up the same day I make a blog. What's up with that? Here's a theory: maybe he is starting to go after EVERYONE with a blog for reasons unknown. God help us all if he decides to chase after anyone with a Facebook account!
12:58 Gloria came home and I showed her the identity of our stalker. She's....panicked to say the least. She's pacing up and down the hall as we speak. If there is someone, anyone who can point us to some advice, please, for the love of all that is holy, DO SO!

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