Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The NCC Building

I've found my destination. It looks all nice and pretty on the outside, but on the inside...
...not so much.
I didn't find anyone here. Did find some documents, though.
Here are some interesting statements:
"...the operation was a success, we have high hopes for Dr. Skinner's "Samsara Project".
"...we have finished testing the patient. Readings were decreased- a good sign. Patient has not reported any sightings of the Anomaly."
"...the patient has disappeared from her ward. We believe the Anomaly had a hand in this."
"...the search for a new subject has begun."
I believe that this "Anomaly" in question is Slenderman himself. But the DVD said the Coalition was a "philosophical" group. This looks like an experimental medicine facility.
Even in my search for answers, I'm left with more questions.

...I did some more looking around. Found a bunch of syringes. Weird labels. "Tupholdax", "Einade", "Caecus Alpha", "Placidus"...the list keeps going on and on.
Gonna keep looking for more documents, opefully they'll give me some actual answers.

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  1. Okay, some advice from a nurse in training, Mr Leon: try and identify which drugs were being used on this patient. Find out what they do and what they're used for. Maybe more answers will reveal themselves then?

    - DJ