Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Getting Sick Of This Crap

This "Gypsy Child" is getting on my nerves. I don't buy his fortune teller schtick. "Excessive power"? "Shallow overindulgence"? "A leader directing others to their end"? What a load of bullcrap! I'm sick of all of this. I'm being left with more questions than answers, and I just want to go back to living a normal life. I want my dog back, I want my girlfriend back. I want to go drinking with my buddies again. But because of that faceless creep in a business suit, I can't do ANYTHING! I need answers.
My thoughts keep going back to the DVD and the journal. Who does the coded journal belong to? Who is Benjamin Skinner? What does the New Creation Coalition have to do with me?
....The DVD mentioned something about North Hartside. That's not too far from my home. I'm gonna look into it.

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