Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Data

OK, so I decided to take comment from a reader to heart and tried to figure which drugs were being administered to the patient mentioned in the documents. Check this out:
"Required Medication for Initial Testing: 2 CCs of Tupholdax."
"Tupholdax dosage needs to be increased, frequency still too strong. Anomaly is still make itself present to patient."
"Patient had adverse reaction to to increased Tupholdax. Switching to Einade."
"Einade had no effect. The patient is still reporting the presence of the Anomaly. We are going to abandon the use of Einade and go straight to the Caecus Alpha/Placidus mixture."
"C.A./P mixture seems to be effective. Going to separate the drugs and see which one is allowing the patient to escape the Anomaly's attention."

OK, so if my guesses are correct, these drugs were supposed to allow the patient to somehow elude the Slenderman. Dunno how it works, but it actually makes me want to try the stuff for myself...though, I am wary of shooting myself up with strange chemicals in syringes....maybe I've played a bit too much Bioshock.


  1. John, please stop. You're putting yourself in danger!

  2. Holy crap. John, um, your girl?

    I'd say she's right: don't go shooting yourself up with weird drugs. Listen to me and her, John. We all know its a bad idea.

    - DJ