Monday, November 28, 2011

Belated Birthday

OK, so smething very upsetting happened on the 26th.
It was my birthday, so Gloria and I went out to go see a movie, had dinner, and get Slenderman off our minds. It was a great day, all in all. We got home, and Gloria offered a bit of b-day "woohoo" (If you play The Sims, you know what I'm talking about.) But halfway in, Tall Pale and Faceless showed up at our bedroom window.

Jesus Christ, I can't even get laid without this guy popping up!

Me:"Uh...Gloria...we got a problem."
Gloria:"Need to go to the bathroom?"
Me: (Points at window)
Gloria: "EEEEK!"(Slams curtains shut)
Gloria: "Urgh...that thing again!?!? He's a total perv! A peeping tom!"

We put our clothes back on, and decided to go back out. We get in the car, and Gloria complains it feels like she's sitting on something. She steps out of the car, and there's another freakin' Tarot card. The Lovers. On the back is "Have fun, kiddies."

Goddammit, why can't my life go back to normal?

Out of curiosity, I open the glove box, and ta-dah! ANOTHER F***ING CARD. The Tower.
Nothing written on the back this time, but Jesus Christ, where the hell are these cards coming from? Who's leaving them behind? Why are some of them written on? Why is Slenderman stalking us?

My life is a series of riddles.

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