Tuesday, November 22, 2011


OK, sorry for the delayed updates. Things have been getting bizarre at work. We needed to get things straightened out while my boss is comatose.
8:26 Slenderman's not here. He seriously hasn't shown up days, thank God. I've been able to replay Fallout 3 in peace. Occasionally, I'll be put on call to take down sneakers from a power line, which is a bit odd. As of late, a whole bunch of kid's sneakers have been getting tied together by the laces and draped over a power line. Anyone know what that's all about? I've heard it's to mark the locations of gang turf or crack houses, but I live in a rather small town. No gangs or drugs here!
10:11 I'm a bit worried. Gloria says that one of her co-workers found a pair of children's sneakers tied up over a long nail embedded into a wall inside their office. Both sneakers had the (X) icon drawn on them in blood. What the hell?
10:49 Now I'm scared. The police just made breaking news saying that the blood on the sneakers in Gloria's office building opened up a cold case involving a 8 year old boy that went missing 3 years ago.
12:00 I keep hearing rustling coming from my bushes. I looked outside and saw something shiny and black dart out of view. I'm gonna grab the revolver and check it out
12:30 Whatever was hiding in the bushes is gone- jumped over the fence before I could get to it. I didn't see exactly what it was but it looked like a man wearing a black leather gimp suit- you know, those freaky bondage suits like the one the killer wore on the CSI episode "Squeegel" (God that episode scared me.)
I'm gonna keep an eye out for Gimpy. The minute he shows his creepy fetishist leather face, POW! Right between the eyes!
1: 26 Found a Tarot card on my bed. The Magician. On the back the words "Hello John" were written in Sharpie.

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