Monday, December 5, 2011

Totally Confused Right Now.

Shit just got real last night.
I was lying in bed, trying not to think about Slenderman when I heard a thump coming from the kitchen.
"What the hell was that?" asked Gloria.
"Beats me, but I think I have an idea..." I replied, gulping in sheer terror.
Aw, fuck. I thought. He's gotten inside the house.
I snuck downstairs and slipped the revolver from my desk into my hand. There was someone hunched over behind the counter, I couldn't tell who it was, but I was damn certain it was HIM.
I leveled the gun at the intruder.
The intruder slowly stands up, and I can see reflections coming off from the guy. Wait....since when was Slendy shiny?
And then it hit me. It wasn't Slendy. It was the Enemy Unknown: Gimpy. Holding a big-ass knife.
"You're with him, aren't you?" I say, shaking.
"Who?" asks Gimpy in a high-pitched nasally voice.
"The Slenderman! You're working for Slenderman, are'ntcha, ya fuckin' creep!?"
My voice gets louder, and Gloria is standing behind me, staring in horror.
"Who the hell is Slenderman???" Gimpy squeals.
Then I look up.
"He's the guy standing behind you." I whimpered.
Everything went black, and when I come to, I'm at work fixing a blown fuse box at some dude's house.


  1. Physically? Yes.
    Mentally/Emotionally? Hell no.

  2. You said that once already...who are you?

  3. I'm nobody. I'm just worried. Apparently slendy kills people. that's not cool at all, so i guess i'm just worried. Which i pointless cuz i dont know you.

    I'm really weird, sorry. :)