Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Sorry I haven't updated lately. I was at my parents for the holidays. Got some cool stuff: Batman Arkham City, $230, Blue Dragon, Brink, and NO SLENDY!!! That alone was the best Xmas gift EVER :D

But New Years Eve was an entirely different story.

First, at 11:11 amThe Headset Kid came back. He had a scarf on, so I didn't see his face, but I could he had THE FUCKING (X) SYMBOL on his forehead. It could've been a tattoo, but who gives a teenager a tattoo? He was gone fairly soon after

One hour and one minute later (12:12, for those of you playing along at home), Slenderman was back in my yard. One of the tentacles went for the door, and ripped it off its hinge.

Less than half a second and he was in my face, and the tentacles were around my throat.

I was almost certain i was gonna get tenta-raped.

But then he was gone, I was on the floor, my nose was bleeding, Skippy was limping like something broke his leg, and Gloria was shaking me awake.


Looking back at my blog, there's a bunch of weird tags. I never put those there.

So, in short, Headset Kid's weirder than fuck, and Slenderman is PISSED.

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